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If you have a NetGear router, you can change the router name and password by logging into your NetGear router. You will need to change your password if you have forgotten the password or have the password changed or hijacked. To reset your password, you can first login via www.routerlogin.net or you can type or Please note that there are 2 password here. One is the password that allows you to login as an admin and manage your router including your wireless passphrase and password. The default username for NetGear routers are admin and the default password is password. Be sure to change them once you login as an admin, or your router can easily get hijacked by users who connects to it. Also, in most cases, typing in www.routerlogin.com will work as well. What happens is that the router simply spots these 2 url addresses and instead of routing them to the Internet, it allows you to connect to its own adminstrative website hosted within the router itself.  By logging into your router, you can start to manage your router basic settings.

Once you are logged in, you should usually see a menu on the left side. To change your wireless passphrase or password, go to Set Up->Wireless Settings. Some router models allow you to see the passphrase set. If it is hidden, then you need to reset to a new password for the wireless settings.



If you type www.routerlogin.net and it does not connect to your router, then try the url with ip addresses. If it still does not work, it is likely that you are not connected to your router. Make sure you are connected to it either via the wireless setting or directly through a cable. If www.routerlogin.net still won’t work or won’t load, you might want to check that your router is on.  Make sure that you are typing www.routerlogin.net in the url bar of the browser instead of the search bar. If you type it in the search bar of your browser, it is likely going to Google or whatever the search engine page is with the keyword being searched. If you are connected to the NetGear correctly, it should not matter whether your ISP is Comcast or others. If you are connected but have forgotten the admin password that was previously changed, your only option is to reset the router. By resetting the router, you would clear any customized settings previously set. Then login with the default admin password to reconfigure your router and remember to change it as well.

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