Vista support ends and Microsoft counts down end of XP support

Today marks the end of Windows Vista mainstream support, two years until XP extended support ends, and 5 years until Vista extended support ends. With Vista’s quick replacement by Windows 7, mainstream supported until January 12, 2015, there isn’t too much concern whereas XP still has quite a foothold. The end of mainstream support means only security updates will be forthcoming unless you are willing to pay. After extended support ends, even security updates will dry up (with the rare occasion of critical vulnerabilities patched even after support has ended).

You can see Microsoft’s definition of Mainstream support phase and extended support phase policies on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site. The Windows Lifecycle page also notes the dates and latest service packs for current Windows versions.

The Windows for your Business Blog announced the two-year countdown for the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003. The article there encourages upgrading today. That advice seems a little silly with Windows 8 on the horizon  and a good chance that older computers will be replaced within the next two years, coming licensed for a newer operating system.

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