Vioguard’s self-santizing keyboard now FDA-approved

Designed for the medical industry, this keyboard is automatically sanitized between uses. The keyboard is drawn into the base with the door closed and is then bathed in bacteria-killing UV light for 65-90 seconds. It uses a USB connection and includes a trackpad in place of the numpad.

From the press release:

Vioguard’s product has the look and feel of a standard notebook keyboard and requires no software or special hardware to function.

The Vioguard keyboard is stored in a mechanized enclosure (which doubles as a monitor stand) when not in use. It safely floods the keyboard and track pad with germicidal ultraviolet light. When
a user sits down at the workstation and activates the infrared motion sensor with the wave of a hand, the keyboard automatically extends into working position. When the user is finished, the keyboard automatically retracts back inside the enclosure and activates the germicidal ultraviolet lights.

LED indicators are used to let the user know when the keyboard has been sanitized and is ready for use. The sanitization cycle can be interrupted anytime to ensure the keyboard is available as needed.

(via MedGadget)

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