US Patent Office opening satellite offices

Following the America Invents Act of 2011, President Obama required the US Patent and Trademark Office to open regional offices to improve and modernize America’s patent system. According to a press release provided by the USPTO, operations will expand beyond Washington D.C. for the first time. New offices will be opened in Detroit, Dallas, Denver, and Silicon Valley. The Detroit office will open July 13th and will be used as the model for the other three locations.

The USPTO is working to develop concept of operations for the three newly-announced locations based on the Elijah J. McCoy Detroit Office and will develop best practices based on this model over the coming months and years. The Detroit office will employ approximately 120 individuals in its first year of operations. The USPTO also seeks to identify and maximize the unique regional strengths of all four offices to further reduce the backlog of patent applications and appeals.

The other three locations are in the planning stages and Acting Secretary Blank and Under Secretary Kappos will meet with businesses, entrepreneurs, and public officials of each city to discuss the new offices.

Over 600 public comments were received in response to a Federal Register notice. These comments were reviewed and hundreds of public leaders were met with to evaluate metropolitan locations for the regional offices using the described criteria (.pdf).

The four offices will function as hubs of innovation and creativity, helping protect and foster American innovation in the global marketplace, helping businesses cut through red tape, and creating new economic opportunities in each of the local communities.

Read the full press release for all the details.

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