Unofficial Google from the 80s lets you search via BBS

Google BBS Terminal – What Google would have looked like in the 80s is unrelated to Google Inc but it does a good job of providing a functioning BBS simulator of what it would be like to search Google in the 80s. It comes complete with dial-up sounds that you’ve been missing with broadband.

When you first visit the page, you will see the program invoked and hear it start dialing. Then, once you’re connected, the page will load in its slow scrolling mode. You can then type ‘S’ if you want to search or ‘L’ if you want the “I’m feeling lucky” results. If you choose search, it will prompt for your query and upon submitting it, you’ll receive a table of the results and you can choose which result you want to visit. It will open the site in a popup window if you don’t have a popup blocker or in the current window if you do have a popup blocker.

It’s a fun, quirky little program that you should check out.

Of course, it’s not completely biased in favor of Google as you can check out the Bing BBS Terminal – What Bing would have looked like in the 80s for a web or image search.

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