Ubuntu for Phones announced

Ubuntu is joining those bringing new operating systems to smartphones. Apple, Google, Blackberry, Mozilla, and now Ubuntu might make for a crowded industry but choice is rarely a bad thing. Especially if open source development and competition can lower some of the costs for new phones and carriers.

This 60 second trailer was released today:

Ubuntu for Phones promises to have a presence at CES next week. This announcement is probably timed to be the flurry of news that tends to come out during the convention. The features sound like a further improvement from the Ubuntu for Android program that was pushed last year. Here’s the Ubuntu for Android video from mid-November:

Despite the announcement, phones will not likely be available until 2014. However, there are live phones demoing Ubuntu running on them. An image for the Galaxy Nexus is set to become available in the next few weeks.


You can watch today’s virtual keynote from Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu for Phones announcement and other comments on Ubuntu:

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