The end to fancy keyboards with Roccat Power-Grid

There are fancy gaming keyboards and USB accessories that give you virtual keys dedicated to certain functions in a game, like casting a spell or tossing a grenade. Roccat is creating the end-all and be-all of those with its smartphone app, Power-Grid. It is currently only available on iOS but an Android and Windows Phone version is to be announced.

Still in beta, the Roccat has a promising future ahead. The app is planned to be free with a desktop application that allows you to create your grids.

The Power-Grid uses your phone’s Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your computer. The app allows you access to information and controls you might otherwise not be able to see because of the full-screen game. You have four tabs to begin with: communication center, system stats, sound control, and a custom tab. The custom tab can be filled with your choice of controls to fit your game and other needs – like having Domino’s pizza tracker available at the touch of a button.

Find out more about the Power-Grid at  and keep an eye on I’ll definitely be excited when the Android version is announced.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | March 15, 2012  |  No Comment

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