Strike two for Google with OpenStreetMap vandalism claim

Last week was bad news for Google as Mocality, a crowd-sourcing Kenyan company came forward in a blog post about how its data was being stolen, its relationship with Google being misrepresented, and its customers beingĀ harassedĀ and misled. Google apologized publicly and directly to the company while promising an investigation and appropriate action taken following the results of the investigation.

The information Mocality published about the setup they found trying to ruin their business allowed OpenStreetMap to look at their recent reported users. They found two OpenStreetMap accounts “deleting, moving and abusing OSM data including subtle edits like reversing one-way streets” from the same IP addresses in India that Mocality traced.

The most obvious vandalism started around last Thursday last week from these particular users however it may take us some time to do a full analysis. In fact over the last year we have had over 102 thousand hits on OSM using at least 17 accounts from this Google IP.

Is Google or a bad partner of Google’s intentionally sabotaging other web products? While this is only alleged at this point, it is scary that this might be the start of more allegations to come against the web giant.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | January 17, 2012  |  No Comment

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