Site tracks Chicago snow plows and enlists residents to shovel sidewalks

This year’s winter has been pretty mild for the Midwest up to today. Last year, however, the region got pummeled by large amounts of snowfall and ice. Chicago, the city of broad shoulders, took a black eye for not being able to keep up to the task of maintaining its roads as cars became stuck in snow drifts even in streets as busy as Lake Shore Drive.

Image from TwitPic, EddiesTPWong

This year, Chicago is back in action and facing down the bullet with a website called On the site, people can track the 300 snow plows through Chicago city streets with GPS, get weather reports, or sign up for alerts. The site is also crowd-sourcing its operations to organize and mobilize the residents. You can adopt-a-sidewalk clear a sidewalk of snow, much like the adopt-a-hydrant program. You can also sign up to join the Snow Corps, helping others clear their sidewalks and driveways who might otherwise not be able.

For a behind-the-scenes look on Chicago’s Snow Command, check out the following video:

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