Second Phone number for Anonymous Texting

Text anonymously with a second phone number

Text anonymously with a second phone number

Ever need to protect your identity in situations where you do not feel comfortable with sharing your primary phone number? There is an app just for you. Phoner is an iOS app that allows you to get a second phone number or any number of numbers without changing the SIM  card on the phone. When you first download the app, you get a free anonymous number that allows you to text or call someone without revealing your actual phone number. All texts and calls with this anonymous number can be send and received through the Phoner app.  If you need specific numbers, you can buy premium numbers that allow you to pick any US number from different area code. Phoner also supports US, UK, Canadian, Brazil and numbers from several countries.

In testing the app, we tried calling and texting anonymously and showed that the caller ID was indeed another number.  We were also able to buy several numbers easily (in as little as 1 minutes) at a relatively cheap price of less than $2 per month. Phoner acts like a burner number providing easily disposable numbers that can be burn easily when you do not need the number anymore. So, if you are not quite ready to connect with a potential date through WhatsApp, Facebook, Line , Phoner is just app for you because it protects your identity.  If you are transacting via Craigslist, having a different phone number can be useful.

When comparing features against some of the more popular app such as Hushed vs Burner , we found that the features are comparable. What we like about Phoner is that it is does not expire your text and minutes every time you burn your Phone number. In Burner, when you burn your phone number, the minutes and texts that you bought for the number also expires making the overall cost of maintaining the number quite expensive versus Phoner which keeps your texts and minutes intact.

For Burner versus Hushed,  Burner uses your actual cellular phone to make the call which has advantages and disadvantages. In areas where there is low data rate which results in spotty VOIP calls, using your phone line would be a great plus. Overall, as much as we are a fan of Hushed and Burner, we welcome this newcomer app Phoner which is great for anonymous texting and calls. Entrepreneurs and business people can also use Phoner as a second phone number.

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