Profits from free antivirus as Avast and AVG file IPOs

Avast and AVG, companies that both provide free antivirus software, are filing for initial public offerings. Avast! filed in December 2011 while AVG announced filing earlier this month. Although tech IPOs have seemed to be duds lately with Groupon and Zynga dropping below their opening price, Avast! is seeking $200 million and AVG is after $136 million with 8 million shares at around $16-18.

For investors and users alike, this will be an interesting proposition to watch. With their main products free, will stockholders begin looking to monetize more? Will the software remain free or will we see an increase in internal ads for their paid products? Perhaps more features will just slip from the free versions to the paid. This is purely speculation at this point but a privately held company is a little more predictable, something I like when it comes to my security software.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | January 23, 2012  |  No Comment

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