Proctor and Gamble block bandwidth hogs Netflix and Pandora

The Cincinnati Enquirer published an article stemming from a Proctor & Gamble internal memo noting that the company was responding to a “digital emergency”. The company found a quarter of its bandwidth being consumed by video, music, and photos with sporting events causing noticeable spikes in the consumption. The first step P&G is taking to stem the increasing bandwidth costs is to block Pandora and Netflix.

Other sites like YouTube and Facebook are safe from the first step but could be blocked in the next round if consumption continues because P&G relies on that Internet access to connect its different branches.

P&G is regularly using all of its Internet capacity because of “an exponential increase” in Internet use and its shifting of work to Web-connected applications as it seeks to move faster and connect its far-flung sites in real time.

“It’s a worldwide phenomenon,” said P&G spokesman Paul Fox. “As P&G drives toward end-to-end digitization of our business, ensuring bandwidth capacity within our networks is a high priority.”

Obviously websites like Facebook and Twitter might be justifiably work-related for the marketing department but probably not the case for others.

At P&G, the issue is the speed of data and the use of bandwidth, particularly as the company moves toward digitizing more of its work, not just at its Cincinnati facilities, but around the world.

And cost.

If the company keeps using bandwidth at the current rate, it will cost $15 million a year just to add more for non-business use, the memo estimated.

“We’re asking all employees to leverage company resources with an ownership mentality,” the memo said.

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