Pebble $3 million Kickstarter project revamps the watch

Wristwatches have been losing a lot of ground due to cell phones. You can just pull your phone out of your pocket and know the time. Smartphones have done even more damage with the various apps and increased functionality. One Kickstarter project launched less than a week ago and is already over-funded by $3 million proving that the wristwatch isn’t dead, we just wanted something smarter.

Introducing Pebble…

Pebble synchronizes with iPhones and Android devices over Bluetooth. It will allow you to see email alerts, text messages, caller ID, and receive vibrations upon an incoming call or text. It uses an eInk display giving it a 7 day battery life and readability in the sun.

Pebble isn’t just a read-only device though. You will be able to control your phone in various ways from the watch like most popular music apps. There are also more apps planned with an SDK as well.

You can find out more about the device that has garnered a lot of interest already at its Kickstarter page or It’s still accepting backers until May 18th. You can preorder a Pebble for a minimum pledge of $115. The watch is expected to retails at more than $150 and start shipping in September.

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