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Taposé on iPad fulfills Microsoft Courier vaporware

This sort of app could also work well on a Windows tablet.

eagle nest

Live stream watches eagles hatching from eggs

The eagles are hatching. I repeat, the eagles are hatching.

james cameron dives

James Cameron at the bottom of Mariana Trench

7 years of planning to reach 7 miles below sea level.


Galileo camera tripod for your iPhone is a revolution

Remotely rotate and control your iPhone for better video experiences.

microsoft dcu zeus

Microsoft battles Zeus botnets

Microsoft took down command and control servers in two different locations to cripple the botnet.


Cybergeddon, cyberthriller feature film

The cyber-thriller will roll out sequentially with Yahoo! this fall.

draw something

Zynga acquires OMGPop, developer of popular Draw Something

Zynga drew a bunch of money and OMGPop guessed ‘acquired’. +3 coins!


Vote for the Madden ’13 Cover Athlete

Madden ’13 is having its own fun with brackets to determine the cover athlete for the next iteration of the popular NFL video game.

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