NVIDIA announcements at CES 2013

Nvidia made a surprise announcement to kick off CES 2013 along with updates to other projects.

Tegra 4

The next generation processor, the Tegra 4, for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks was announced. It’s a quad-core processor with a separate processor that uses less power to save power when able. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, claimed the Tegra 4, built on an all-new architecture, is the world’s fastest mobile processor. While Tegra lost some ground to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, it still does not have an integrated LTE chip, requiring a separate cellular modem for smartphone use.

Visio announced an 10-inch tablet that would utilize the Tegra 4 processor running Android 4.2.

Project SHIELD

SHIELD was the surprise announcement last night. It’s a game controller with a flip-up 5-inch, 720p retinal display with touch capability. It utilizes the new Tegra 4 processor to power it.

SHIELD has two faces; on one hand, it’s a full-fledged Android gaming portable, on the other it’s a wireless client to a GeForce GTX PC. In both cases it uses existing, open ecosystems with a vast selection of titles.

An Android device with full controls, however, is only half the story. With the Kepler architecture, NVIDIA engineers had perfected an ultra-fast H.264 hardware encoder designed for real time streaming. HD gameplay can be captured, encoded, and streamed with very low latency. This new streaming capability is the foundation for the second face of SHIELD: a wireless handheld counterpart to a GeForce GTX PC.

Most PC gamers own a fairly sizabl games library. But unlike music and video which can be streamed freely around the house, playing PC games requires sitting in front of a PC. Even if the picture could be streamed, where would it stream to and how would one interact with it? SHIELD elegantly solves both problems. With a 5” 1280×720 screen and a full sized controller, it is capable of not only displaying a PC game in its full glory, it lets you play it too. And because the rendering is done on the PC and the picture is streamed as video, you get GeForce GTX class graphics and long battery life. It’s kind of like having a GeForce GTX PC in the palm of your hand combined with the battery life of a Tegra device.


SHIELD is expected Q2 2013 in the US and Canada with worldwide rollout later. Pricing and specs will be announced closer to the release.

Nvidia SHIELD blog post.

Nvidia Grid

GeForce Grid was announced back in May but it was reintroduced last night as Nvidia Grid. It is a server stack full of GPUs optimized for computer graphics. It is in trial phase and is expected to be sold to MSOs and partners for cloud-based gaming. So far, six companies have already signed on to the Grid Cloud gaming platform.

nvidia grid

Full NVIDIA Grid press release.

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