No Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S phones or Galaxy Tab S

According to the Samsung Tomorrow blog post (roughly translated), the Galaxy Tab S tablet and Galaxy S line of smartphones won’t be getting upgraded to Android 4.0. The reason? It doesn’t fit on the ROM, or at least not along with Samsung’s custom UI, TouchWiz. Samsung says no Android 4.0 love for those devices if they can’t have TouchWiz as well.

We used ice cream sandwiches platform in order to reliably
Many hardware specifications to be met, and
In particular, the available memory (RAM, ROM, etc.) capacity is important.

Galaxy Galaxy Tab S and S, unlike the Nexus platform, in addition to Google
Manufacturer-specific features (Touch Wiz / Samsung Widgets / video calls, etc.)
Country-specific features (such as mobile TV), carrier services, and
Is mounted, so the upgrade to ice cream sandwiches too
The lack of available memory to provide a satisfactory environment
I can not.

The hardware considerations, provide customer titles featuring the best user experience
Is an inevitable choice to please understand.

To improve ease of use in the future I’ll do my best.


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