Nintendo Wii U Launches TVii service

Nintendo has launched its free Nintendo TVii service that integrates with the Wii U console. It combines the Wii U controller as a second-screen to improve the experience of what you are watching on TV.

Nintendo TVii maximizes Wii U owners’ current cable, satellite and video-on-demand services by pulling all of their available content sources – such as a Comcast cable package or Hulu Plus subscription – into one place. This empowers Wii U owners to focus on what they want to watch and not how they want to watch. And once users find the show, sporting event or movie they want, they press an icon and Nintendo TVii does the rest.

In addition to greatly simplifying finding and watching video content, Nintendo TVii also includes a series of social features that enable Wii U owners to share experiences and exciting moments with friends as they are happening on live TV. People can engage with others by commenting and sharing on Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter. Or they can comment, post or tweet about an incredible touchdown, a remarkable performance or a shocking plot twist, all using the personal screen of the Wii U GamePad.

TVii requires no additional equipment. Users will be able to find information about what they are watching like cast details, reviews, and live sports stats and scores.

Nintendo TVii launched in the US and Canada yesterday with integration to Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus. Netflix and TiVo integration is expected in early 2013 but that doesn’t stop current Netflix subscribers from using the Netflix application from the Wii U main menu.

Read the full press release.

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