Mozilla remains in business with new Google Search agreement

The vast majority of Mozilla’s revenue stream comes from people using the Google search bar in Firefox. After much speculation, Mozilla and Google have reached an agreement according to Mozilla’s blog though most of the juicy details are kept private. For the next three years, Mozilla will keep Google as the default search engine in Firefox and Google will pay Mozilla a percentage of ad revenue coming from those searches.

We’re pleased to announce that we have negotiated a significant and mutually beneficial revenue agreement with Google. This new agreement extends our long term search relationship with Google for at least three additional years.

“Under this multi-year agreement, Google Search will continue to be the default search provider for hundreds of millions of Firefox users around the world,” said Gary Kovacs, CEO, Mozilla.

“Mozilla has been a valuable partner to Google over the years and we look forward to continuing this great partnership in the years to come,” said Alan Eustace, Senior Vice President of Search, Google.

The specific terms of this commercial agreement are subject to traditional confidentiality requirements, and we’re not at liberty to disclose them.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | December 20, 2011  |  1 Comment

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  1. Scottmarshall483 says:

    Seems that Google sees a future for Firefox. I was quite disappointed with Firefox performance-wise in the last year or two and thought Chrome would take completely over, but now I think Firefox is back on track.
    I switched to Chrome because it was faster and more stable, but with the new version 9.0 Firefox provides the same. If I´m also using the Instantfox add-on ( i can also search superfast directly in the adress bar just like in Chrome, and together with that Firefox is at least as good for searching the web, if not better.

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