Microsoft pens animated, interactive story in HTML5 promoting IE

Microsoft has pulled in some big guns like Edgar Wright, Tommy Lee Edwards, and you to create an developing story that shows off the capabilities of HTML 5. Of course, Microsoft suggests you use Internet Explorer 9 to view Brandon Generator”s full potential with even some things to unlock if you pin the site to your taskbar.

Episode one is available and three more are scheduled for May and June releases, the story gets quite intriguing. It is also an interactive experience, so you can draw and write on the screen using HTML 5 to be part of the story. The story also continues outside of with a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m certainly invested in seeing where this story goes. I hate having to wait but consider me hooked Microsoft. Check out The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator for yourself.

I’m still watching it in Chrome though.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | April 15, 2012  |  No Comment

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