Microsoft forms open source subsidiary, Microsoft Open Technologies Inc.

With a simple, subtle blog post, Microsoft has announced the creation of a wholly-owned subsidiary called Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. The company is being formed to move forward Microsoft’s investment in open source, open standards, and interoperability.

Microsoft’s existing Interoperability Strategy team will be moving to form the core of Microsoft Open Technologies. Jean Paoli (pictured below) who is heading that team will be taking the helm of the newly formed company.

The subsidiary provides a new way of engaging in a more clearly defined manner. This new structure will help facilitate the interaction between Microsoft’s proprietary development processes and the company’s open innovation efforts and relationships with open source and open standards communities.

This structure will make it easier and faster to iterate and release open source software, participate in existing open source efforts, and accept contributions from the community. Over time the community will see greater interaction with the open standards and open source worlds.

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