Maxim thinks there is a hidden cache of hot gamer girls out there

Maxim is putting out a casting call seeking a Maxim Gamer Girl. They don’t notice that the stock photo girl has a PlayStation controller so why should they notice that they are also offending ladies everywhere.

At the end of the announcement (quoted below), the company decided to boldly go across the line for many women with the line:

“Wear your hottest outfit. No costume changes. First come, first serve, ladies”

It has now been changed to simply “No costume changes.”

If you’re both a girl and a gaming enthusiast, you could have the one-two punch we’ve been looking for! We’re currently on the search for a Maxim Gamer Girl who loves gaming like Mario loves avoiding his plumbing responsibilities. Think you fit the video game vixen mold we’re looking for? Come to our open casting call in New York City (details below). And don’t worry if you’re not in the NYC-area, we’re opening up the Maxim Gamer Girl search to ALL on Monday, April 2 at

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