Clementine orange Lenovo U300s Ultrabook out

The Lenovo U300s ultrabook was very eye-catching at first glimpse. Its launch was delayed from November 2011 to December 2011 and when it came out mid-December, it was in a limited capacity of only the single color and the core i5/i7 models alternated which was out of stock. For the past few weeks, only the grey core i5 model was available. Today, the clementine orange core i7 model of the Lenovo U300s has become available at a price point of $1,499.

Unfortunately, in the delay, it has lost some of its luster. The price increased from the initial announcement and even if you were to order today, it’s still expected to take 4 weeks until it ships.

Meanwhile, HP has announced and launched their HP Folio 13 ultrabook with comparable stats and a lower starting price. It is limited to a Core i5 processor but there is also a business version of the Folio 13 expected to launch shortly which might feature the Core i7 processor and other improvements to the specifications.


More troubling news for the u300s’ success would be the fact that CES is right around the corner. Plenty of next-gen hardware will be announced, including the ultrabook. My recommendation would be to hold off a few weeks to see what else will be coming onto the market shortly if you can delay. In addition to new models being announced there may also be new models introduced at lower price points.

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