Intel at CES 2013

Intel started their CES 2013 presentation claiming to be a game changing year. They boasted devices with all-day battery life, lower-power processors, next generation Atom processors, and smartphone processors.

The news highlights from their press release included:

  • New Intel® Atom™ processor-based platform aimed at value segment of smartphone market with support from Acer®, Lava International* and Safaricom*. Highlights forthcoming “Clover Trail+” platform aimed at performance and mainstream market segments.
  • Wide range of Intel-based tablets running Windows 8 now available on shelves and online; First 22nm quad-core Atom™ SoC for tablets expected to more than double the computing performance of the Atom™ Processor Z2760 platform; available holiday 2013.
  • Lower-power Intel® Core™ processor lineup reaches as low as 7 watts, enabling thinner, lighter, touch-based Ultrabook convertibles, detachables and tablets.
  • 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family (formerly codenamed “Haswell”) will enable a broad new range of Ultrabook convertibles, detachables and tablets with all-day battery life; the biggest battery life gain over a previous generation in company’s history3.

Intel’s announcement was much bigger than their own presence at CES because so many other big companies were introducing Ultrabook models or updates to their Ultrabooks which all use Intel Core processors.

touch ultrabooks

Intel’s other big announcements beyond Ultrabooks included their upcoming quad-core Atom processor and their Intel-powered smartphones, which will be introduced in select countries.

intel smartphone

Finally, Intel’s interest in television has been in the rumor mill recently. Much hype was raised on the hopes that Intel might be able to break the cable package nightmare for consumers and offer per-channel or even per-show pricing for consumers. It’s hard to live up to that. Instead, Intel announced collaboration with Comcast on IP set-top boxes, Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs to allow access to on-demand shows.

McAfee, now owned by Intel, also announced a commitment to delivering security solutions to protect consumers. A consumer version of an online protection product will be available mid-2013 with a beta demonstration given invite-only at CES.

Key attributes of consumer-centric online security and safety include:

  • Safeguarding Devices: Comprehensive protection for PCs and Macs, along with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Increased security services will be available “cross-device” and in the cloud, enabling for consumers to utilize capabilities from any device at any time.
  • Identity Protection: A user-centric approach to security incorporates solutions to protect identity and personal information from theft and misuse so that consumers can have confidence their identity remains safe and trusted. Plus, safe access destinations and services on the Internet.
  • Personal Data Security: Simplified security technologies that ensure personal data remains personal, whether it’s stored on a device or stored in the cloud.

You can watch a replay of Intel’s CES 2013 keynote, if you’d like and find other news from Intel at CES 2013 from the Intel Newsroom. Enjoy the tree below made of Ultrabooks in the Intel booth.

intel ces ultrabook tree

(Photo credit: @lturrentine)

Full press releases:

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