Hulu talks business beyond 2012

Hulu‘s latest blog post wants to talk about 2011, 2012 and beyond. After the company entertained bids for purchase this year from several big companies, Hulu decided to remove its sales tag and continue into the future as its own company. As Hulu is run with two revenue streams, advertisements and paid subscriptions, it is an interesting company to watch. Fortunately for the curious, Hulu shared how 2011 went for the company.

Both revenue and the number of paying Hulu Plus subscribers increased in the year. Looking at it in quarterly segments, one can expect the growth to continue into 2012.

Available content, Hulu apps, and video advertising all saw significant attention in 2011 and continued to expand the service that Hulu offers. Hulu also tends to pay more to its content providers, good for relationships and getting deals in the future. With rather quick growth, it is probably wise of Hulu to stand on its own two feet for a while longer to fully determine the company’s value before cashing it out by selling.

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