How to turn off location services and geotagging on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod?

Images and audio stream contains EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) that contains meta information about the device that took the picture, resolution information, resolution, exposure time and also location information through geo-tagging. Given that most phones today including iPhone and even tablets like iPad contain a GPS receiver, they are capable of adding geotagging information to the picture in the EXIF stream. Most people taking a photo with their Android device or iPhones  may not realize that they have location services turn off. More importantly, they may not know that every time they snap a picture, the location information in longitude and latitude coordinates are added to the photo. When you post an image to Facebook, email, Twitter or other websites on the Internet, these information can be discoverable and if fallen in the wrong hands, people can track the time and place of where you photo is taken and piece up some fairly accurate location and time/place data about you.

To prevent that, it is important to turn off location services on your phones and tablets to prevent these data from being added into your photo which may affect your privacy.

How to turn off location services on iPhone, iPod and iPad?

Depending on the iOS vesion, you can go to the home page of your device by pressing the Home Button, and then clicking on the Settings Icon. If you have iOS5 and below, you will find a Location Services option. IF you are on iOS6 and above, you will find a Privacy option. Tap on the Privacy option and you can then find Location Services option. Tap on it.

You can turn location services off  for the entire device. But you may just also turn on or off location services for each app individually. If you are concerned about being geo tag on a photo, then you need to turn off location services for the Camera app or other apps that may either record audio, video or take a picture and still leave it for other apps such as Google Map where it is more convenient to have location services turn on.

How to turn off location services on Android?
Tap on the icon for Settings.  Then under the Personal group -> Location Services, you can turn off location tracking for the entire Android phone.

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