How many levels are on Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a fascinating yet simple games that have kept millions of users addicted to it. The idea of the game is to align at least 3 gems of the same colors to “crush” them. If you align 4 or 5 gems of the same colors, you get even bigger bonuses type gems which has specials powers. It is currently the top grossing game on iOS and has been for a while.  Once every so often, I’ll get an invitation on Facebook from friends to play Candy Crush which also shows them the levels that they have completed. If you scroll around the board, you will also see how big and extensive it is. So, how many levels are on Candy Crush Saga?

Well, the answer is that it is a moving target. As millions of players play, inevitably some players will start to cap out at the highest level. These players are likely to be the whales who spend a lot of money because they are addicted. If you have played as many as 245 levels of the games, you must be an addicted player, and King would love to continue to “monetize” these users who probably are spending tonnes of money to level up. So, King continues to add levels as they update the app. Last we counted, there were 425 levels on Candy Crush. That is a lot of levels in a game and if you think about it and you end up spending as much as 30minutes per game including all the retries , you would have spend 123 hours on the game.  This is almost like 5 days of your waking hours. Some levels can take as long as an hour to get lucky to complete it. So, any users who play as many as 425 levels would easily have spent 5-15 days of their waking life in total moving gems around. For now, crushing candies does seems to be a lot more fun for people than tapping at farms and cities.

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