How do you get Netflix on your TV?

If you subscribe to Netflix Instantly Watch streaming plan to watch movies online, there are multiple ways for you to get it on the TV and watch your favorite movies on the big screen.

How do you stream Netflix through your Blu Ray player?
If you are subscribed to Netflix DVD plan, just pop that DVD into a DVD player which is connected to your TV. If you are connecting through a Sony Blu Ray player , here are some instuctions that tells you how to add movies to your instant queue and connect via the network through your Blu Ray player.

Netflix on your TV itself
It sounds funny. But many of the next generation Internet connected TV have Netflix streaming service integrated in them. Many TVs from popular brand names such as Samsung, Vizio and Panasonic have Netflix built in them. If you are a Netflix subscribers, you may want to make sure that your next TV already supports Netflix.

Netflix on Media Players
Many set top media players are already well integrated with Netflix services. if you already own one of those set top boxes such as Boxee, Roku and Popbox, you already have Netflix integrated into the box and all you need to do is to sign up for a streaming plan from Netflix and then stream movies to your TV through the settop box.

How do you stream Netflix from your computer to TV
If you are already using the browser to login to Netflix and then watching it online through your laptop or desktop, you can connect via a DVI or HDMI cable or AV cable depending on what your TV support and what your computer supports. Be sure to be looking at the back of your TV and computer for those ports, connections and cables. Then depending on your desktop or laptop, you can change the output of your computer screen to projection which is connected to the TV. Typically, on Windows, you can right click on properties and make sure that you extend your monitor into the TV.

How do you stream Netflix from your iPad to TV
The Netflix mobile app is already available on most mobile platforms including the popular iPhone and iPad. Users can download these apps and enjoy it on their mobile devices. Not exactly the best form factor for large screen viewing but at least you can take your movie anywhere you want as long as you have a Wifi connection on. You can also mirror your iPad or iPhone screen and stream the content via Airplay. However, Airplay mirroring is only available on newer devices like the, iPad 2,  new iPad, iPhone 4s and above.

Apple TV
We thought the Apple TV deserves a special mention from the rest of the media players or set top boxes. The Apple TV box already has many online services integrated including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

Video Game Consoles
Newer video game consoles such as Wii, XBox and Playstation PS3 can allow you to watch Netflix movies whether it is through the rental Bluray DVD or through streaming.

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