How do I watch movies online for free?

There are many online movie watching services available and many of them are paid. So, how do I watch movies for free online? There are many ways to watch movies online for free legitimately. The options for the latest blockbuster movies however are quite limited – at least the legitimate way. First, if you are looking for old classics or really old movies, there are  a number of public domain sites that has an archive of about half a million public domain TV shows, movies and cartoons. These public domain sites include: The Internet Archive, Uncle Earl’s Classic TV ChannelRetrovision and Shocker Internet Drive-In

You may be surprise by what you can find there, but do not expect to be watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Other great channels include the free movie section on Hulu.  Here you can pick the genres you want and then find quite a lot of free movies that are supported by advertising. Besides movies, Hulu also has tonnes go great high quality premium content that you can only find on TV and they are also pretty up to date with shows airing online as quickly as next day after it is shown on TV. If you do not mind getting interrupted by ads every so often (10 – 15 minutes), then it is really a great high quality online movie and TV show site to start your free movie watching experience.

YouTube also has great content. If you search hard enough, you may find some movies uploaded by users or official channels.  Sometimes, you can watch full length movies on YouTube with probably only a pre-roll ad. Sometimes, you may find full length feature films, but they may not necessarily be legitimate and often, they can also be taken down quite promptly by YouTube.

If you are an Amazon Prime customer and pay $79.99 per year for free deliveries, you can also watch selected films online. Amazon’s goal is to have a library as diverse and with a wide selection as Netflix. You can find most Netflix streaming movies on Amazon though at the moment Netflix still has a larger selection than Amazon. However, if you are already an Amazon Prime customer anyway, it might make sense to watch Amazon Prime movies and spend an extra subscription fee for more premium latest content. Comparing Amazon Prime vs Netflix based on price alone may not necessarily be the best given different consideration on selection, selection of kids video, etc.

You may also want to try Netflix for one month for both the streaming service and the DVD service for free. If you try each of them separately, then you get 2 months trial for free. The DVD subscription plan has a better selection with more up to date movies. However, you cannot watch many of them online due to streaming rights issue and the cost of acquiring these content for streaming rights. The instantly watch movies allow you to stream to many different devices including iPad, Android tablets, computer and Apple TV. Many newer generation TVs are also integrated with these services including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

By using these few websites for free, you can watch movies online for free. If you want better and more up to date movies, it may make sense to subscribe to one of the services mentioned. The pricing are very close though they may offer some differences. For example, Netflix has a large selection of kids friendly movies and tv episodes and may be a great service for the parent who wants to keep their kids entertain.


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