Hate CAPTCHAs? PlayThru makes determining humans fun

There have been a variety of takes on CAPTCHAs, from squiggly letters to unreadable books to entering ad slogans. PlayThru is introducing a new interpretation of determining between bots and humans and it’s pretty much a game.

The service offers a variety of CAPTCHAs that involve interacting with objects instead of struggling through hard-to-read words. PlayThru uses Adobe Flash, HTML5, and JavaScript in their games and serves the appropriate version that a browser can handle. That means they’ll work well on smartphone browsers as well. This interpretation can be easier to pass for everybody, including color-blind users. The service also has an audio fallback for the visually-impaired.

The site, Are you a human, currently has plugins and libraries for:

  • WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, Invision, vBulletin
  • PHP, Perl, Ruby, python, and Microsoft .NET

You can view a demo of the CAPTCHA in action and learn more at www.areyouahuman.com.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | April 30, 2012  |  No Comment

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