Google graduates Gmail auto-translate to full feature

Gmail Labs has had an auto-translate feature that has been getting rave reviews and a lot of use. The Gmail team has decided to graduate the feature from a Lab to a full feature. If you receive a message in a different language, you can click on ‘Translate message in the header, at the top of the message, to have it translated into your language.

Other changes to Gmail announced in today’s Gmail Blog post include Title Tweaks also being graduated so you can more easily see if you have an unread message.

The tab now reads “Inbox (20) – – Gmail” instead of “Gmail – Inbox (20) –”

Smart Mute was also improved with its graduation to main stream to keep noisy threads archived.

Since Google has been in Spring Cleaning mode, several labs are also getting retired.

Old Snakey, Mail Goggles, Mouse Gestures, Hide Unread Counts, Move Icon Column, Inbox Preview, Custom Date Formats and SMS in Chat gadget. Please note that the SMS in Chat lab is not being retired, just the gadget associated with it.

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