Firefox 9 hits the web

While Firefox version 3 and 4 came with some fanfare, it’s hard to get excited about a new version of Firefox these days when major versions are rolling off the assembly line every 6 weeks. Even Mozilla’s business news is more exciting to read about than to see the yawn-filled updates that constitute a major version release as Firefox plays catch-up to Chrome.

The latest version of Firefox has the following changes:

  • Added Type Inference, significantly improving JavaScript performance
  • Improved theme integration for Mac OS X Lion
  • Added two finger swipe navigation for Mac OS X Lion
  • Added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript
  • Added support for font-stretch
  • Improved support for text-overflow
  • Improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS
  • Fixed several stability issues
  • Fixed several security issues

Firefox 9 download button

You can download the latest version of Firefox from

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | December 20, 2011  |  1 Comment

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