Firefox 11 arrives, fixes Pwn2Own bug

From Firefox 6 to Firefox 10, the major releases seemed petty and hardly worth noting. Mozilla’s Firefox 11 is now available and it actually seems to offer some updates that you are able to sink your teeth into.


The SPDY protocol from Google, while off by default, can be turned on and tested for faster network transfers. You can enable it under the about:config page by toggling network.http.spdy.enabled to true.

Firefox 3D View for Developers

Tilt is an addon that allows a 3D view for developers to visually see DOM elements nested and in their tree hierarchy.

You’ll have to have a graphics card that supports WebGL and have it enabled in Firefox otherwise Tilt won’t show up as an option in the inspector.

Add-on Sync

In addition to 3D view, regular users should be happy for the new Add-on Sync functionality. This will allow you to synchronize multiple computers to have the same add-ons available if you choose to sync them. You’ll find the setting to enable it under Options, Sync.


The future releases blog for Firefox speculated that the Firefox 11 release might be a day or two late. There were two reasons for the miss: 1) Windows Updates came out the same day and Mozilla wanted to test Firefox to make sure Microsoft’s patches didn’t cause problems for Firefox users and 2) Mozilla was still awaiting the Pwn2Own bug that took down Firefox. The blog post was updated to state that the bug had already been identified internally and resolved. As for the Windows Updates, Firefox 11 is available for manual install but the automatic update will be delayed a few days for testing with Windows Updates.

If you want to be an early adopter, you can download Firefox 11 from For the rest of the fixes and features in Firefox 11, check out the release notes.

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