FBI will disconnect malware infected PCs in July

Last year, the FBI tackled a criminal ring installing malware on millions of computers to manipulate and profit from online advertisements. The malware changed the DNS servers computers use to redirect visitors to certain sites. The FBI’s Operation Ghost Click took down the ring that had made $14 million dollars. Now, it’s a matter of cleaning up those infected computers.

With 4 million infections, it is believed some 350,000 computers are still infected. The FBI has clean, temporary DNS servers in place responding to those infected computers. When they get pulled out July 9th, those computers still infected may be unable to browse websites.

For more details about the DNSChanger malware, the FBI has a document discussing the malware (.pdf) and an article on Operation Ghost Click.

You can learn about the various DNSChanger Working Group sites that help test if you are a victim.

From the DCWG, you can learn to detect and fix the problems caused by the malware.

This 404 Tech Support article also focuses on testing for and cleaning up the DNS Changer malware infection.

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