Facetime as baby monitor for iPad and iPhone

If you are planning on buying a baby monitor to monitor your baby in case your baby wake up while you are busy with your chores and you are a iPhone or iPad owner, you might be able to save some money there. With Facetime for iPad and iPhone, you can easily use your iOS devices as a baby monitor without the additional cost provided you have at least 2 of the devices and do not need infra-red or night vision capabilities which some better baby monitors have.

To use your iPhone or iPad, you need to make sure you can mount or put your device in a way that can point the camera towards the sleeping baby. set up 2 separate Facetime accounts on each devices.  This can be done by tapping on the Settings icon and going to the FaceTime setting. Make sure you are logged on with 2 different Apple ID so you can call the other device. Once that is done, launch Facetime and call your other device. As soon as the connection is establish, make sure you mute both devices, otherwise the noise or sound may feedback into each other causing a loud noise. When that is done, take one of the device that can be properly mounted and put it in a way so that the camera is focusing on the baby. With the other device in your hand and looking at the Facetime screen, adjust your iPad or iPhone until you can properly see the baby. The cameras dont work very well in the dark and so you might want to adjust the lighting if needed until you can see.

Walk out of the room with the iPhone or iPad which acts as the baby monitor. Put it outside the room and enter the room, to turn off the mute setting on the iPhone or iPad acting as the camera. This will then allow you to hear your baby. Leave the microphone as mute on the device acting as the baby monitor since you dont want any of your sound to be transmitted to the sleeping baby and waking the baby up. Then you are done, and you can go about working on your stuff in a different room where the baby sleeps.

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