DirecTV and Viacom reach agreement, channels restored

10 days of no MTV, Comedy Central, or Nickelodeon has come to an end for DirecTV customers. The disagreement between Viacom and DirecTV has finally been negotiated away bringing back the 17 networks that had been taken away. Financial terms were not disclosed but it is believed a compromise was reached meaning that DirecTV likely saw an increase but perhaps not the full 30% originally noted. One of the points of DirecTV’s argument was content distributors (Viacom) forcing carriers (DirecTV) to carry and pay for channels that nobody watches as part of negotiations to carry a popular channel.

In addition to the channels’ return, DIRECTV customers will also gain the ability to see Viacom programming on tablets, laptops, handhelds and other personal devices via the DIRECTV Everywhere platform. Carriage of the EPIX movie channel is not required as part of the new agreement.

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