DSI plans long game to asteroid mining

In April 2012, Planetary Resources made an exciting announcement of plans to mine near-Earth asteroids for their resources. Yesterday, Deep Space Industries joined the exciting new frontier with their own plans to be quite significant in the future of space exploration. Instead of just mining resources, the company pictures contributing significantly to further space endeavors by placing a foothold that enables NASA and others to go boldly on.

Similar to the infrastructure needed to support driving a car, one would not be able to drive around the country if there was only one gas station. With this image as part of their long game strategy, Deep Space Industries paints a bold picture of the future.

There are more concept pictures of the plans for Deep Space Industries at their website gallery.

For more details of the company’s plans, you might read the full press release or watch the announcement as it was made live yesterday:

In related news, Planetary Resources also put out this tech update yesterday on their progress:

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