Comcast equipment infested with bugs literally

There are two reports going against Comcast’s Chicago area operations and both have to deal with their equipment being infested with bugs. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a customer had a hard time getting Comcast to replace equipment that seemingly introduced a roach infestation to his home. Secondly, CBS Chicago reports on a discrimination lawsuit against Comcast that says African-American employees who were forced “to work in a substandard, cockroach- and rat-infested facility at 721 E. 112th St., and requiring them to install defective or bug-infested equipment in South Side homes.”

The employees claim they would find cockroaches crawling in and out of equipment, and in their lockers, trucks and equipment bags. They also claim the South Side facility had rats, a leaky ceiling and birds that flew in and out of the warehouse.

The employees claim they saw cockroach eggs fall out of cable boxes that were supposed to be installed in customers’ homes. When an employee complained, the supervisor said, “just put the box in — you’re in Englewood. They’ll only have cable for a month. They won’t pay bills,” the suit said.

Sure, it’s not Naperville but… Ew!

(via DSL Reports)

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