Coal or gifts are all good with the Steam Holiday Sale

In addition to the great daily deals that Steam has to celebrate the holidays (33-90% off), they have The Great Gift Pile going on. You get achievements for playing certain games or visiting different parts of the Steam community. When you get the achievement, you might get a gift or a lump of coal. The gifts might be free games or coupons. Sweet!

The lump of coal? That’s not bad, either. Seven pieces of coal can be traded in for a gift. You can trade gifts and coal to your friends with Steam Trading. You can also save all your coal for yourself. Each piece of coal will get you an entry into the Epic Holiday giveaway January 2nd.

What’s in the Epic Holiday Giveaway? 1,151 people will win prizes with the grand prize being every single game on Steam.

Check it out at You can still catch up and earn the previous achievements. For all the details on the prizes, visit the Steam Holiday Sale page.

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Posted by Jason Hamilton | December 23, 2011  |  No Comment

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