netgear01 – Router Login Name and Password change

If you have a NetGear router, you can change the router name and password by logging into your NetGear router. You will need to change your password if you have forgotten the password or have the password changed or hijacked. To reset your password, you can first login via or you can type [...]


How do I watch movies online for free?

There are many online movie watching services available and many of them are paid. So, how do I watch movies for free online? There are many ways to watch movies online for free legitimately. The options for the latest blockbuster movies however are quite limited – at least the legitimate way. First, if you are [...]


Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales get a Google Doodle

Celebrating their 200th anniversary, the Grimm’s Fairy Tales received a Doodle from Google.


Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings coming soon

Nielsen and Twitter are partnering together to utilize data from the 140-character social network to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating”.


Google Play offers surprise discounts and promotions each day through January 1st

Run by “The Google Play Elves”, the promotion promises deals everyday through January 1st, 2013.


The YouTube Complaint Department takes no guff

Changes are a-coming and YouTube will probably stick to its habits of doing what is best for everybody.


Google Doodle celebrates the anniversary of the 1st Drive-in Movie Theater

Drive in, grab your spot, and have some popcorn!


Another musical Google Doodle with today’s synthesizer

Famous for inventing the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer, this Google Doodle is a playable music instrument.


Google graduates Gmail auto-translate to full feature

Have messages translated into your language to enable global communication.


Hate CAPTCHAs? PlayThru makes determining humans fun

PlayThru is introducing a new interpretation of determining between bots and humans and it’s pretty much a game.

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