Text anonymously with a second phone number

Second Phone number for Anonymous Texting

Ever need to protect your identity in situations where you do not feel comfortable with sharing your primary phone number? There is an app just for you. Phoner is an iOS app that allows you to get a second phone number or any number of numbers without changing the SIM  card on the phone. When [...]


Facetime as baby monitor for iPad and iPhone

If you are planning on buying a baby monitor to monitor your baby in case your baby wake up while you are busy with your chores and you are a iPhone or iPad owner, you might be able to save some money there. With Facetime for iPad and iPhone, you can easily use your iOS [...]


How to turn on developer options on Android Jelly Bean?

On the new Android Jelly Bean release 4.2, 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 and above, Google has turned off the developer options on Settings. It is probably the case that they did not want the regular consumers to access the developer options and confuse themselves by setting the wrong options. Also, certain option may constitute a security [...]

app review

How many levels are on Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is a fascinating yet simple games that have kept millions of users addicted to it. The idea of the game is to align at least 3 gems of the same colors to “crush” them. If you align 4 or 5 gems of the same colors, you get even bigger bonuses type gems which [...]


Puffin vs Photon Flash Browser

    I have used and tested a number of Flash browsers for my new iPad 4 and my Nexus 7 Android tablet. Puffin and Photon are probably the best Flash player out there though each has its pros and cons. Overall I like the Photon Browser best for many reasons. Mostly, Photon delivers a [...]

flash for ipad

Best Flash Player for iPad

One of the greatest downside for the iPad is its lack of support for Flash. This becomes a big handicap for users who either need to watch Flash video on the device or use a site that heavily uses Adobe flash. I am surprise to find that most users take it for granted that they [...]

swype living language

Swype updated with Living Language at CES 2013

Swype, the popular keyboard on Android devices, received an update to crowdsource its dictionary.


Ubuntu for Phones announced

Ubuntu is joining those bringing new operating systems to smartphones.


New iPhone ad boasts ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature which encounters bug the same day

The iOS 6 feature ‘Do Not Disturb’ for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads was found to linger a bit longer than its schedule.


Instagram reverts controversial ToS

Instagram, after its billion dollar acquisition by Facebook, is backpedaling with a recent proposed change to the service’s Terms of Service.

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