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How to turn off location services and geotagging on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod?

Images and audio stream contains EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) that contains meta information about the device that took the picture, resolution information, resolution, exposure time and also location information through geo-tagging. Given that most phones today including iPhone and even tablets like iPad contain a GPS receiver, they are capable of adding geotagging information [...]


www.routerlogin.net – Router Login Name and Password change

If you have a NetGear router, you can change the router name and password by logging into your NetGear router. You will need to change your password if you have forgotten the password or have the password changed or hijacked. To reset your password, you can first login via www.routerlogin.net or you can type [...]


Kickstarter API bug leaks projects’ drafts

The now-patched bug could have allowed unlaunched projects to be accessible through the API.


Where you hold press conferences and where you post passwords should not be the same place

Just a little security tip to the folks over at the MLB…


FBI will disconnect malware infected PCs in July

Clean DNS put in place ordered to pull out July 9th.


Cryptic Studios reports servers breached

Account names, handles, and encrypted passwords believed accessed back in December 2010.


Symantec updating VeriSign seal to Norton Secured

Norton is not a badge to be worn with honor but apparently it is more recognizable.

hp logo

HP warns of switches shipped with malware

The malware doesn’t target switches but could spread if the compact flash card is used in a PC.

flashback checker

Kaspersky provides web-based Flashback checker for Macs

Flashback is malware that has infected over 600,000 Mac computers. Get your computer cleaned up and out of the botnet.

wireless carriers

US Govt sets to devalue stolen phones

Database tracks stolen phones and prevents them from re-use to deter theft.

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