DSI plans long game to asteroid mining

Yesterday, Deep Space Industries joined the exciting new frontier with their own plans to be quite significant in the future of space exploration.


Curiosity will have 7 minutes of terror landing on Mars

Who needs science fiction when you have science like this?


High-def video of Venus crossing the Sun

In case you missed it due to clouds or otherwise, NASA has provided a high-def video of the event.


High-quality footage of a space shuttle launch

Beautiful shots and super loud, this video lets you see what it would be like to attend a shuttle launch.


Planetary Resources: asteroid mining gold rush

Several videos have been posted that show the company’s plans.


And the rich get richer, by mining asteroids?

Billionaires playing space cowboys. Bruce Willis, you may have a substitute in case of Armageddon.

nasa smithsonian small

Discovery shuttle takes final flight to Smithsonian

The oldest space shuttle, Discovery, is being put out to pasture at the Smithsonian museum but not before one final flight.

eagle nest

Live stream watches eagles hatching from eggs

The eagles are hatching. I repeat, the eagles are hatching.

james cameron dives

James Cameron at the bottom of Mariana Trench

7 years of planning to reach 7 miles below sea level.


NASA details the future of American Space Flight

With an interactive infographic, NASA gets into the details of what our future in space holds.

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