Text anonymously with a second phone number

Second Phone number for Anonymous Texting

Ever need to protect your identity in situations where you do not feel comfortable with sharing your primary phone number? There is an app just for you. Phoner is an iOS app that allows you to get a second phone number or any number of numbers without changing the SIM  card on the phone. When [...]


How to fix and troubleshoot Internet connection problems?

If your Internet is down or there is an intermittent connection issue, there could be several reasons for it. It is important to troubleshoot and pinpoint the underlying problems. If you have trouble connecting to the Internet, the likely cause of that may be that your Internet service provider is down. Even large companies like [...]


How do you get Netflix on your TV?

If you subscribe to Netflix Instantly Watch streaming plan to watch movies online, there are multiple ways for you to get it on the TV and watch your favorite movies on the big screen. How do you stream Netflix through your Blu Ray player? If you are subscribed to Netflix DVD plan, just pop that [...]


Puffin vs Photon Flash Browser

    I have used and tested a number of Flash browsers for my new iPad 4 and my Nexus 7 Android tablet. Puffin and Photon are probably the best Flash player out there though each has its pros and cons. Overall I like the Photon Browser best for many reasons. Mostly, Photon delivers a [...]


DSI plans long game to asteroid mining

Yesterday, Deep Space Industries joined the exciting new frontier with their own plans to be quite significant in the future of space exploration.


NVIDIA announcements at CES 2013

Nvidia made a surprise announcement to kick off CES 2013 along with updates to other projects.


Google promotes search with new ads

Google is promoting its search service and how useful it is becoming on mobile platforms through two new ads.


Redbox Instant launches streaming offering in beta

The Redbox streaming competition to Netflix has been in the rumor mill for quite a while.


Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings coming soon

Nielsen and Twitter are partnering together to utilize data from the 140-character social network to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating”.


Curiosity will have 7 minutes of terror landing on Mars

Who needs science fiction when you have science like this?

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