Carrier IQ – the rootkit your carrier puts on your smartphone

Carrier IQ has been in the press for the second half of November and it’s not too happy about the attention it’s getting. Security researcher Trevor Eckhart posted an analysis of the software running on many phones. As a result, Carrier IQ sent him a cease and desist letter. With the EFF’s assistance, Eckhart stood his ground until Carrier IQ dropped the “empty legal threat” and apologized.

Since then, it has been a war of words. Carrier IQ has put out a press release and the company’s CEO made this video to explain his tool as not totally nefarious.

Continuing his research, Eckhart has posted a part 2 of his research into Carrier IQ.

He demonstrates it recording the exact keys that he pressed, even though the Carrier IQ CEO said it didn’t do that. An HTC Android phone is used in the demonstration but it has been reported that the software is on Blackberries, iPhones, and other Android smartphones and feature phones across multiple carriers.

Will this much attention cause cell phone carriers to pull back on monitoring usage even if it is “for our benefit”?

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