Bloons Tower Defense 5 is here

Bloons Tower Defense is a long running series in the tower defense category. With plenty of spin-offs and itself a spin-off of the original Bloons games, I was very excited to find out from the NinjaKiwi blog that Bloons Tower Defense 5 is now available to play. Version 4 of the game took on a new mastery compared to the earlier versions and allowed for very expansive upgrading of towers. BTD5 expands on this and further improves it with great art, new towers, new upgrades, and new maps.

The tower defense genre is filled with dime-a-dozen Flash games but Bloons Tower Defense has always stood out among the crowd. Bloons TD is based on monkeys (the towers) throwing darts at balloons (the bloons) as they race through the map.  The game adds further strategic elements to it by allowing you to choose whether a tower targets the first, last, closest, or strongest bloon. Along with tons of tower variety, the correct pricing for towers and their upgrades, and challenging maps, you are left to figure out a way to defeat the bloons that is efficient and spares your lives. The game can be challenging and fast-paced but never gets frustrating thanks to well-balanced game mechanics.

Check out the new Bloons Tower Defense 5 from NinjaKiwi!

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