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One of the greatest downside for the iPad is its lack of support for Flash. This becomes a big handicap for users who either need to watch Flash video on the device or use a site that heavily uses Adobe flash. I am surprise to find that most users take it for granted that they cannot run Flash on the device. In my search for a solution, I actually found some legitimate apps that do run Flash for the iPad. I probably try all of them but one that sticks out and that I use as an active app is the Photon Flash Browser.

Photon Flash Browser is developed by Appsverse. It is the best flash player for iPad in my mind after having try several apps (including some scam apps) that purported to be Flash browsers or player but turns out to be just Flash tutorial. Photon Flash Player for iPad however is a true flash enabler for the device. It solves the problem by rendering Flash in the cloud and streaming the Flash session over to your iPad. In some ways, you are really interacting with a video stream. I have tried using the Photon browser on several of my favorite sites including Hulu , Facebook and even the desktop version of Youtube. The video works flawlessly over my Wifi network and even my 4G LTE network. When there is a lot of movement as in a sports games or action movie, the frame rate is still sufficient to provide a quality viewing experience. However, based on looking at it, I think it can output a consistent 12-15 frame per second whereas other apps produce really jerky video at about 5 fps.

I have also played several of my favorite Flash games on the browser and it works flawlessly. There are some nuances with the user interface such as needed to switch to different navigation mode for scrolling the game map versus scrolling the screen. However, once you get the hang of it, it actually becomes easy. There is some latency to the gaming experience since each touch is being sent to a server and rendered. So, it may not be ideal for playing action Flash games but simulation games such as Forge of Empires, Farmville 2, Cityville and others are actually quite playable on the Photon browser.

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Photon flash browser screen shot

What I like about Photon browser is that it gives many settings for the user to tune the performance of the Flash session including various bandwidth settings . This may be overwhelming for new users at first, but for a regular user, I do appreciate the flexibility for me to adjust the settings. For example, I take my iPad mini with me and connect to different Wifi network . Some of these Wifi networks are spotty at best, and frequently even regular browsing on Safari becomes slow. What is amazing about the Photon browser is that it can actually fetch the web faster than Safari can in those cases since it is rendering the entire web page in what I assume to be data centers with powerful servers and high speed connections. So, I actually use it for some regular browsing in those situations besides viewing my regular Flash websites.

I have tried all the apps that enable Flash for the iPad. Photon Browser is the most consistent, reliable and best flash player among them. I used another app like Skyfire before when it first launch and Photon didnt exist then. However, Photon has since replaced Skyfire for Flash video since Skyfire does not play all Flash videos or actually had problems getting to them. There is a comparison of Skyfire vs Photon which you can read. It is kind of pricey at $4.99 , but I think it is a worthwhile incremental purchase just to get flash enabled on the iPad without any jailbreaking.

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