ABC Nightline looks inside FoxConn factories

If you open up some of your devices like an HP desktop computer, your iPad, or many others, you’ll likely find a FoxConn stamp on there that lets you know where your device was manufactured. Unfortunately for the Chinese company, they have undergone a lot of scrutiny lately as workers have even gone so far as to commit suicide in protest of unfair conditions. Stephen Colbert covered the issue back in June 2010:

In response to the publicity, Apple has prominently put a Supplier Responsibility at Apple document on its home page. Even more so, they are inviting ABC Nightline inside the factory for an exclusive look. ABC is making the most of this ’Inside Apple’ event with looks at the event on Good Morning America and World News with Diane Sawyer Tuesday before leading up to the full interview on ABC Nightline.

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Check it out Tuesday evening for issues ranging from outsourcing, consumer electronics manufacturing, unsafe working conditions, the Asian supply chain, and more.

All this, conveniently before the anticipated iPad 3 launch in March.

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