Community Hawkthorne 16bit game under development

In Community‘s Digital Estate Planning episode, the main focus is on the video game Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne. The game is quite amazing and very adaptable. A subforum on Reddit grew around the game and the development has already released a playable demo showing the game in amazing details. Here’s the episode from Community if you want to see the original:

The game can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a portable application, so no install is needed. It makes use of the Love framework.

The character selection screen allows you to pick any of the seven cast members and you can use Tab to change costume to some of the amazing wardrobe changes seen throughout the series – for example, Halloween costumes and other shenanigans the gang got into.

The game starts in the study room, just as in the episode. You can jump and squash the hippies and journey through a few different levels. The plan for the development is to reproduce the levels seen in the show before adding on with even more Community jokes.

The game is listed as open-source and has recently taken the MIT license. Find out more at or the source code at Github.

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